HYDRAMAX+ … The perfect tinted moisturizer for tanned skin!

Summer is hereeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee

Summmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmer is here!!!


Well.. 1 more month till i leave … for COSTA DEL SOL!

Summer has a lot to do with the product I’m about to tell you about.

Keep in mind, during summer- your face changes in color- that is if u do tan!

The problem is, many girls apply their usual foundation (which is lighter than what they are after tanning) – making them look greyish!!

Well, I’ll let you in on a little secret. When you are tanned- avoid heavy foundations & stick to tinted moisturizers!


Tinted moisturizers will keep u moisturized all day + feel very light on your skin & they work greatly with a tan! When it’s summer, you don’t want to feel like having cakey skin or layers of makeup on top!

I found the perfect tinted moisturizer – with a shade great for those who have olive skin (like me) and go a bit darker.

You have got to try this product from CHANEL“HYDRAMAX + ACTIVE TEINTE”


In english- it’s a hydrating lotion with a tint (some foundation with it) for additional color.

What is great about it- it is intensly hydrating and it gives u a beautiful natural healthy glow! The product consists of a Hydrabarrier System- which locks moisture in!


The shade suitable for tanned skin is “BRONZE 20”. This shade might not suit everyone- but if you are tanned.


There is 2 other shades (Sunlit & Sand) – lighter ones if you are lighter.

Apply this tinted lotion just like you apply normal cream- with your hands all over. Make sure it’s blended well! (WASH UR HANDS AFTER) If you like, you can even top it off with a hint of powder or translucent powder to remove any shine/oils.

KEEP IN MIND: this is not a tan enhancer. It will not change the color of ur tan permanantly. It’s just a lotion.

Just to show you, I have constructed a little experiment!

Below is a photo with 3 swabs of unblended liquids. Please note that my hand is slightly tanned- thanks to SHANGRI LA OMAN- well anyways, so my foundation has become way lighter than my hand.


The pic below shows you the 3 liquids- Blended- and how they look on tanned skin. Please note that the Chanel tinted moisturizer completely matched the tanned skintone- while the foundation made the area look greyish- simply cuz it is lighter than the skin!!