MAC – ‘In Extra Dimension’ Skinfinish – MORE THAN SUPERB!

Thanks to one of my followers (more like a sister) who got this product for me from the UK!

Well, this collection didn’t arrive in Bahrain yet and it will arrive on doomsday I guess:P

The product I will review here is from a new collection in MAC- which already launched in the US and Europe for a while now.

The product is from a collection called “In Extra Dimension“- the full product listing/pictures can be found in a previous post- click here !

This amazing collection features beautiful eyeshadows & skinfinishes…. all in 3D texture.

FYI: it’s called ‘extra dimensions’ for a reason- to highlight the dimensions of the face & bring out it’s unique features.

According to MAC- “Introducing a new liquid-powder formula with prismatic reflections that sculpts, highlights and models the face.”

Gorgeous shades- and I fell in love with a skinifinish which I had to get a hold of!

Superb” – is one of 3 skinifinishes available. I fell in love with the color.


Superb is more of a nude peachy color with a hint of gold with it. More like rose gold


It does have shimmer- but I love how it is NOT too shimmery/glittery. It’s a subtle shimmer to give a beautiful glow.


Many girls will get confused, believing it is like other mineralize skinfinish products from MAC. Well, it is completely different- I think they should have named it something else. The texture and finish is totally different than the other skinfinishes.


FYI- this product is a highlighter. Meaning that you would use it to accentuate the features on your face. I love using it on my cheekbone & nose.

What I absolutely love about this specific shade, it goes perfectly with a tanned look! Many of the highlighters we find don’t contain a golden/nude sheen – more leaning towards silverish white colors. A sunkissed look goes perfectly with “superb” skinfinish.


Use it with a sigma brush F35 or MAC 188 to apply on specific areas. Don’t over apply – make it look natural.


It is easily blendable- highly pigmented- long staying power.

Check out my swatch below


This product is selling out FAST- and it is LIMITED edition… so get it while u can!