They’re Real !!! BENEFIT’s mascara review

I have always always always favorited L’Oreal mascaras.. and I still do.. and the mascara I’m about to review is competing with L’Oreal.. in terms of volume.. intesnsity & length!

“They’re Real” mascara by Benefit has been in the market for approx 5 months now…




The packaging is a shiny mirrorish tube…. but what is interesting is the BRUSH!!

The brush is specially designed! Unlike any other brushes I have seen. It’s plastic & rubbery – cactus looking. It is very spiky with more spikes towards the end of the brush.

It can be a bit rough on the eye (because of the spikes)- so be gentle with it cuz it is very rubbery. So be careful to not poke your eye with it!


The special brush must be used horizontally to grab the lashes from the roots .. then you turn it Vertically to use the spiky ends to define the curls and properly curl them.


The formula: it feels soft yet it is somewhat thick. What I love about it is the color intensity: JET BLACK!

I would say don’t apply more than 2 coats- then it would look to clumpy/chunky.

This mascara provides you with everything a girl needs when it comes to lashes: It really curls them, it lengthens them instantly and is purely black!

MY VERDICT: this mascara lives up to its name… IT GIVES U A FALSE LASHES EFFECT– making ppl ask you “are you wearing false lashes” and you would say- ” NO!! THEY’RE REAL!”