The Ali Sharaf Photography Program

To all you people out there ( in the FASHION & BEAUTY industry)- I have some news for you!


You can earn the chance to be more popular & more professional in your career!




Well- there is a special program designed by Ali Sharaf Photography- (headed by the professional Bahraini photographer who made the “mermaid” photoshoot) & Fahad Al Dosari (the visionary behind the creation of stunning photos).





What is the program about?!


They have both designed a special program – where they restrictly select possible candidates.

The aim of the program is to gather talents all together in one fashion & beauty network.


Candidates can be:

Fashion designers

Jewelry designers

Fashion stylists

Makeup artists

Hair stylists


Candidates with then sign a contract to work with the creative team of ALI SHARAF PHOTOGRAPHY for his/her projects for one year.



What will you get out of this program?!

If for example, you are a Makeup artist– you will get the opportunity to work on photoshoots. You will bring your own makeup, and ALI SHARAF PHOTOGRAPHY will take care of all the other things such as hair styling, clothes, accessories.. etc.

Other talents- you could get the chance of winning & working with makeup artists & gain a free portfolio.

Marketing: Ali Sharaf photography will work on your brand/image. They will promote your brand throughout their Facebook page (they have almost 4000 fans).

Ali Sharaf Photography will also cooperate with fashion & beauty bloggers to post about all your sessions to help create a buzz & market you.

You will basically have a PROFESSIONAL PORTFOLIO!






How to enter the program?!

1. Contact or follow @Ali_Sharaf on twitter & send him a direct message to discuss signing up.

2.  Pay a creative fee of 1200 BHD per session- where you will get a creative concept, model casting, location scouting, photography & high-end retouching for up to 7 images.

3.  You will have up to 4 photo sessions per year- but you might actually end up working on 8, 12, 16 or 20 photo sessions if you created a team with fashion designer, jewelry designer stylist, MUA and a hair stylist.

4. The program will offer constant photo-shoots to each client, not to forget you will be featured in their “Database” for their Commercial/Fashion clients too as a individual talent.

Want to see how your work (whether you are a stylist/makeupartist/designer/etc) with ALI SHARAF PHOTOGRAPHY will look like?!


Here are some amazing shots of their work!