How to get that eye look?! Defined outer V

So I decided to teach you the steps of this quick eye look I did yesterday- instead of just posting a pic on twitter




It’s not that hard- needs a bit of blending though!

I used MAC eyeshadows only! And I didn’t use false lashes this time.










1. Applied urban decay’s eye primer potion on full lid (to help anti-creasing & to hold eyeshadow for hours)

2. With 217 Mac Brush (Sigma E25), applied “ricepaper” MAC eyeshadow on lid up to the crease.

3. Again with the same brush, topped ricepaper with “Tete a Tint” MAC eyeshadow on top to have a mixture of some peachy skintone shade.

4. Applied a thin line of gel liner (bobbi brown’s ink black) with Sigma E10 brush (without winging it like a cat eye)- kept it short .

5. With a MAC 263 Brush (Sigma E65), applied “carbon” MAC eyeshadow on the outer corners (we call it a V or a ” of the eye.

6. Blend the carbon with a 217 MAC brush or a (sigma E25) to form a blended V.

7. keep on blening until it is connected to the black gel liner applied

8. make sure no harsh line are shown

9. Add some “embark” MAC eyeshadow between the outer V and the mid lid- and also blend som under the brow bone (NOT on the brow bone)

10. Apply “nylon” MAC eyeshadow on your brow bone and blend with a MAC 224 brush

11. apply mascara + inner black eye pencil