Kiehl’s moisturizer- the FACIAL MOISTURIZER!


I constantly talk about Kiehl’s products- I love them!!!! Especially the midnight recovery concentrate!

Well- I am in love with this moisturizer from Kiehls- I’m telling you- LIKE NO OTHER MOISTURIZER!

I love Estee Lauder’s Daywear moisturizer, but I also love Kiehl’s!

This moisturizer- called “ULTRA FACIAL MOISTURIZER


It makes your skin unbelievably soft!!! It’s like BUTTER!! Makes it feel so sooo smooth- and really helps in setting your makeup for hours! It’s light and milky and most importantly- VERY HYDRATING!


The packaging- in a bottle- so easy to squeeze & convenient!

What this moisturizer does is it gets absorbed under your skin so that the surface remains extra soft. It will seep into your skin helping nurture what is underneath the surface- not just the upper skin!



Just use it after you have cleansed your face- right before the makeup! Also you can use it before bed!

The white bottle is for “ALL SKIN TYPES” … and there is a blue one too- which is for normal to oily skin types!


Believe me- your skin will LOVE the change

You can get Kiehls from Dubai Mall- Bloomingdales or even in Dubai airport!