Makeup 101 class – FULL DETAILS

My makeup classes are not like any other class- i have a special way of explaining things- in great detail- TO MAKE YOU UNDERSTAND the reasons behind the use of products!



Many of you constantly ask me : What is it about? Where is it? How much? When is it? Etc…

Well decided to make this easier for you all and actually write about my classes!

My makeup class is NOT an advanced eyeshadow class.

It is a class- where you will learn more than basics! I cover everything-step by step- by showing you everthing on my face- IN GREAT DETAIL OFCORSE!

You will learn everything from how to prep the face, to correctors & foundation etc till the end + a quick eye look!

Here is what the class covers:

  1. Skin prep (face routine of cleansers, wipes & toners)
  2. Moisturisers and eye creams
  3. Fixants
  4. Primers
  5. Full explanation of all the Brushes & their use
  6. Full explanation of sponges, powder puffs, beauty blenders & other essentials
  7. Correcting the skin using orange, green & beige correctors
  8. Explanation of the different foundations & the skin’s undertones
  9. How to choose the right foundation shade
  10. How to properly apply foundation and blend
  11. Concealers (different types & textures)
  12. Applying powder (loose/compact) and buffing up the face
  13. Contouring the face (nose & hollow cheek bone)
  14. Filling in your eyebrows correctly with different types of products
  15. Priming the eye area
  16. A quick soft brown eye look
  17. Tricks of the eyeliner and the flick
  18. Defining the eyes
  19. Mascara (the right way)
  20. How to correctly apply blush & blend
  21. How to highlight the face (2 techniques)
  22. Lips
  23. How to fix the face with setting spray
  24. How to clean your dirty brushes

Where is the class held?

In my house (in riffa)- a private room that is specially organized for makeup learners! Each table includes notes: a face chart, a full brush list, and a full makeup routine list!

CLASS COVERS 11 people!

Here is how the place looks like!





What to bring to the class?

Although this is a makeup class- you don’t need to bring your makeup! If you like you can (in order to show me specific products you wanted to know more about)- but because most of you don’t have the same products as I have- it would be hard to copy what I do! Best to come & learn – write notes !

I do everything on my face!

When are the classes held?


Most of the classes are held on WEEKDAYS ! CLASS TIMING- 5 PM SHARP ! Class is from 5 pm to 8:30 pm ! I also do some morning classes from time to time

How much is the class?


Class is not as pricey as you might expect! It is only 50 BD per person !

How to enroll in my class?


If you are really interested-

Just email me on

with your NAME & MOBILE or DM me on twitter and then we will discuss the dates!


After dates are chosen, you will need to pay a deposit to secure your spot- against cancellations!

Looking forward to meeting you all!!!

Let’s spread the makeup knowledge!!!