The Z-Palette : Customizable Magnetic Empty Makeup Palette

I’ve had this palette for a while and I keep on forgetting to write about it!!

It’s soooooooo useful!! I LOVE IT!

It’s from a brand called ‘Z- Palette’ : used for professionals to place the different shapes & sizes of eyeshadows/blushes.






I get so frustrated as I am a heavy MAC eyeshadow & blush palette user – and MAC’s eye palettes does not fit any type of eyeshadow nor does the blush palette. Some eyeshadows are bigger or some are squared. The best way is to buy the Z-palette for all those weird different shapes that don’t fit. For example: Nars blushes are squared in shape – don’t go into MAC’s circle palette.. so is bobbi browns!


Why use a palette in the first place?

To be honest, it’s wrong and confusing to keep eyeshadows in their little tubs. That way you want be able to see the range of colors & it won’t be easy access. Laying them down all next to each other makes you know the different shades & also makes you actually use them… some of the shades hidden in their own packaging will make you forget them and will never use them!


I love the Z-Palette… and I find it sooooo useful for everything. It even comes with mini magnets for you to cut and place under metal pans of the shadow/blush to stick in the palette.


The palette has a plastic transparent cover which protects your shades. What I love about it is that it’s see through (easy to choose)!

This is how my crazy palettes look like- I KNOW THEY ARE MESSY but that is how I work- quick & on the go…



I ordered mine from

The website features a lot of different sizes (mine is the large) .. they also come in different border styles. Mine is plain black- they come in like the pics below: