Lancome Collection for spring 2012 – ‘Roseraie des Delices’

This collection is very very similar to Dior’s recent collection “Dior garden party” 2012 collection! It’s somewhat always the floral garden collections in spring. . . nothing ironic about that!

The Lancome collection “Roseraie de Delices” –  designed by Aaron De Mey, consists of pastel shades .. yet so sweet… beautiful subtle shades for a natural face! Pinks & greens is the focus

The collection will launch in FEB 2012 (USA)


The collection:

Illuminating Powder

La Roseraie:  Multi-color  blush- with a beautiful 3D rose feature


Color Design 5-Pan Shadow and Liner Palette

Rose Romance


Vert Tendresse



Le French Touch Absolu Nu

Cotton Candy


L’Absolu Nu Replenishing & Enhancing Lipcolor

Rose Petal

Sweet Marmalade


Color Fever Gloss

Green Petal


Tangerine Petal


Rose Petal