WHAT? Ladurée – a makeup line?!?!



Ladurée .. yes… the famous MACARON makers.. are launching a MAKEUP LINE!

Ok .. it sounds crazy… i won’t judge.. let’s wait & see them once they are launched!


It’s not Ladurée’s first time in the beauty business- They have released a beauty line in 2007 (creams & fragrances etc).


The collection is called “Les Merveilleuses de Ladurée”. This translates to english as “The wonders of Ladurée”.


It will include 20 different Blushes (form of cameos), foundations & lip colors.

I assume that the shades will be similar to the saturated shades of Ladurée’s famous macarons!




The packaging is so elegant- classic & chic….

This collection will first launch in JAPAN this February- and will then be released in Europe, USA & Asia (FALL 2012)!