My #1 silver eyeshadow – ‘VAPOR’ by Urban Decay

I have tried several silver-ish eyeshadows… but it was very hard to find the right one. I tried the different shades of MAC – Elektra (which I didn’t like cuz it somehow had blue undertones, silver ring was a bit too dark, L’Oreal Chrome shine Starry Black had too much sparkle, and lancome had some good ones but in trios.

Then Along Came VAPOR… by Urban Decay!



I’m telling you- this eyesadow is gorgeous! It’s a shimmery very light silver. It’s shimmery but not so over shimmery, and not white! It is just the perfect silver. It has NO BLUE-ISH undertones (cuz usually many silvers do!)… it’s pure silver… or putting it better, it’s a bright silver… which seriously brightens up the eyes & makes the eyes look more awake.




What I love about this powdered eyeshadow is that it blends beautifully & delivers a very intense color. Also, this color goes beautifully with shades of brown!!! Trust me!



Always apply on top of Urban Decay’s eye primer for best results (no crease & no fade)! Also looks amazing if applied on tear duct. This is not a new product, it has been in the market for a few years, but it is still one of URBAN DECAY’s best sellers.

Oh .. and yeah the packaging is really funky cool!

I got mine from ! You can get yours from Sephora (dubai) or order it online!

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