The Editorial Photoshoot: The Queen of Waves

This is the ultimate blog post. It is what I have been dying to reveal!

Two months ago, I was in a secret location- for a photo shoot… I did not tell anyone where I was, but today I will reveal what it was about… with JUICY details about everything! Just remember, I will save the best for last- the final edited photos will be shown in the end!

A group of us have been brought together to cover this amazing-one of a kind- photo shoot! And believe me, it’s not any ordinary photo shoot. It’s new, it’s hip & most importantly it’s an editorial!! (will explain that later)

The photoshoot took approx 10 hours of hard work!

I was more than happy to witness the whole thing, and I’m here to give you full details from my perspective- in relation to beauty!! I will post you “behind the scenes” hair&makeup photos and the editorial pictures!


A strong team incorporated their different talents to produce this masterpiece. It’s hard work produced in a beautiful manner. Before anything, I would like to introduce you to the team behind this:


Ali Sharaf: A Bahraini commercial photographer who specializes in fashion, beauty, portrait & lifestyle photography for both advertising & editorial sectors. He started out his career as a digital artist, then photography found its way into his life- becoming his passion & core of his creativity. Check out & follow @Ali_Sharaf


Makeup Artist

Masooma Hashim: Professional makeup artist & salon owner ‘MakupArt’. She worked for MAC Cosmetics for 7 years- & become a Senior Artist. Masooma applied makeup for fashion shows, photo shoots, film festivals, IFFA awards. She worked for both Milan & India Fashion weeks. Masooma also trained in Los Angeles with “Train The Trainer”. She also worked on many famous celebrities (Diana Corazon, Asala, Laila Elwi, Yusra, Olivia Palermo). She also specializes in body painting. Follow her @MASOOMAJALEEL


Creative Director

Fahad Al Dosari: The visionary behind the creations of stunning conceptual ideas. His passion resides in the fashion & beauty industry as he spend most of his life both in front & behind the camera. Fahad is the brains behind the idea of this photoshoot. Follow him on twitter @Fahad_AlDossari


Creative Video Director

Osama Al Saif: Founder of Ad.Mark- One of the largest full service media production & digital design houses in Bahrain. With over 14 years of experience in the media & entertainment industry, he is one of the best in his field. Ad.Mark uses very professional video equipment & is able to compete and reach the same standards of other international companies. Osama & his team covered in video the whole photoshoot (the makeup, the hair, the setting up & being on set). Their beautifully edited fashion film is provided below+ a behind the scenes video! Follow him on twitter @OsamaAlSaif


Hair Stylist

Neamat Assaf: A professional Lebanese Hair Stylist- with over 15 years of experience. She started out by working in a salon in Beirut by learning the basics. What makes Neamat special in her field is how she doesn’t pre-plan the look. She likes to work on a hairdo & beautifies it as she goes on. Neamat worked in several countries & gained more experience based on people’s taste. She is currently working in Qatar as a freelance hair stylist.


Fashion Designer

Sima Ahmed: A Bahraini fashion designer, founder of Sima Fashion. Sima studied in Italy: Instituto di Moda Burgo (Milan) & The Polimoda Instituto (Florence). She also had her first fashion show in Roma in 2007 with a collection of wedding gowns & party dresses. Sima’s style focuses on texture sensations & indulges in femininity to its extreme- with an oriental touch. Check out & follow @simaahmed



Fajer Al Zallaqi: A Bahraini passionately involved in the Fashion business for the past 3 years. She started as a fashion & beauty editor for magazines such as Ohlala & CO-EDS. She is also a fashion stylist who works in fashion shows & many photoshoot projects. Fajer also works as a presenter for Bahrain TV Channel 55. Follow her on twitter @falzallaqi & check out her blog



For any photo shoot, models are hired. But for this one, the team decided to hire an international model. The model “Visnja” is hired from a Dubai based agency “Bareface”. Bareface is a well established agency for models & talents. It provides talent for all types of events, fashion & commercial assignments. After deciding on the story, the photographer usually calls the agency & provides them with the criteria for the model & the theme. The agency then responds by sending in portfolios that matches the criteria. Once selections are made, finalists are interviewed by a ‘face-to-face’ online casting – where the model is interviewed by the whole team. The hair, makeup artists, photographer & stylist observe & comment from their different perspectives until they reach a decision. You can also check out

“Khalid” was also hired as the male model.


The set included a makeup artist, photographer, hairstylist, stylist, fashion designer, creative director, photographer, video camera crew & a few others who put all their effort to make the result amazing. The reason for this shoot is not for a magazine. It’s mainly for the personal portfolios of this talented group.

Oh yeah.. and don’t forget there was a makeup blogger too.. as part of their team (ME! )


A little something you need to know.. About Editorial Photography

This is no normal photo shoot. The model is not trying to sell a product. Instead, the model is trying to sell a story. This type of photo shoot is considered to be an “editorial story”- which comprises both fashion & beauty in a form of a story line. The viewer will actually focus on what is actually happening in the story other than the product selling. The photographs taken portray a story line from start to end, as they speak loudly about what is happening. The picture becomes the story teller. Commercial photography sells products, fashion sells lifestyle, but editorials sell a story!

This was a great opportunity for this team to use an editorial technique- Since Bahrain’s fashion/beauty & photography industry is not very familiar with it. It’s their chance to shake Bahrain’s industry with such creativity, by getting this vision out there & racing their way to the fashion/beauty world!

What’s the story about?

This whole story is based on a beautiful mermaid. This supernatural creature has a beautiful lean body & a long lower torso (fish fins). Mermaids are mythically known to sing to sailors & enchant them. This is probably what happened in this case. The abductor, who is a sailor, was probably enchanted by the mermaid’s singing, so he decided to capture her. After capturing her, he took her to a shabby barn.

The mermaid started to weaken due to the lack of water. The sailor gets frustrated as his victim slowly suffocates. Instead of torturing her, he provides her with a water filled bath tub to help her survive.


We arrived at a horse stable early morning. The reason for choosing this location as a set is mainly for the hay stack that will be used to place the abandoned mermaid. It resembles an old shack/barn that the sailor hides in with his mermaid. The barn we arived in had horses, dogs, a cheeky monky… and one annoying baby goat (which scared me to death)!

As the girls were working on hair and makeup, the guys were busy preparing the set & working on “the mermaid’s bathtub”- making it look dirty.


Ahhhhh… This is the part that I’m waiting for! I will show you in great detail (step by step) what Masooma applied in the makeup process- or shall we say transformation from human to mermaid. What you have to know about Masooma- she is not only a makeup artist- she is a talented painter- which made this task “face painting” extra easy for her.

A few weeks before the photoshoot, Masooma drew an illustration of how the makeup will look like! She is talented ( I TOLD YOU SO) & this is how she visioned it!

She is not only a makeup artist.. but a real artist!

I was overwhelmed when I was asked to be a part of work of art. I was super excited & completely thrilled by the end result. It was an honor to be Masooma’s sidekick for the day. I’m have always been a great fan of her work, as she applies the beautiful yet simple makeup I always talk about. Seeing her live in action was of course, the best part of the day!

Before the makeup details, I will show you a glimpse of Masooma’s makeup stash. Keep in mind she has a gazillion other products In her luggage. These are some of the products she used! You will realize, once we get to the makeup process, that the products used were mostly MAC, Kryolan & Makeupforever.

Eyeshadows (MAC) which Masooma carries everywhere

The aqua creamy eyeshadows for face painting (left) & glittery selections/pigments (right)

MAC face/body paints

The big tray with all the things Masooma might use!

Now let’s put that into action!

(note that some pics have the model laying down & some sitting- that is because we had a previous unrelated photoshoot- so basics + foundation was applied once only instead of twice.. but I’m giving you the steps from A-Z)

1- Masooma cleansed Visnja face with face wipes then applyed brightening face cream

2- Fixed some single false lashes- natural looking ones

3- Masooma applied MAC’s orange corrector (studio fix)- reviewed HERE . She applied it next to eye socket & eye lids to remove any discoloration.

4- Brightened areas with MAC’s Concealer “Select moisture cover” & blended it in

5- Applied MAC’s Micronized airbrush formula foundation(found only in MAC pro stores) with a beauty blender.

Masooma sprays MAC fix plus on the beauty blender (pink sponge) so it will help dampen the sponge for better application & to let the makeup set.

6- Masooma applies translucent powder allover to help the foundation set

7- With a clear applicator brush (same as mascara’s)- Msooma applied a concealer on it & brushed it on the eyebrows- to make it look ashy

8- Soft Contouring on cheeks & nose using a mixture of both Dark & Light shades of MAC’s Mineralize skinfinish Natural powder.

9- Applied white creamy eyeshadow on the full lid & tearduct. This is considered a base. Shade is similar to Kryolan’s aqua Color in white #070.

Masooma then exaggerated the color to the tear duct & browbone area

She also added some of this white shade to the lips (cupid’s bow) to give the illusion of bigger plumper lips

10- She then lines all over the white base a thin outline in a brown creamy eyeshadow using an extra thin eyeliner brush

11- Masooma then tries to enhance this brown outer line by drawing mini hairs from the crease

12- She builds it up with a darker brown & goes over it with a pencil (Makeup4ever) to emphasize it more towards the nose. She then blends it with a MAC 239 brush

13- With the same brown pencil, she starts to draw the sideways fish “gills” on both sides of the face.

14- Masooma then uses a dark green aqua creamy eyeshadow from KRYOLAN & goes over the fish gills with a thin eyeliner brush

15- She adds a turquoise/lighter green aqua color with it to make a dark/light gills look. She also blends it out to give a smoky feel to it. Also blends out the under eyelashes part with a smoky green

16- Enhance the gills with a dark color (Black) & add some glitterish sparkle to the sides. She then added a beautiful thin to thick black liner that extends to the green lines leading to the gills.

17- To complete the eyes, applied MAC eyeshadow “fashion”- a silverish/light blue- next to the gills.

18- Final touches for the eyes- smoked up her under eye with the same torquise color.. smudged it with a MAC 239 brush

19- For the blush and lips- applied a soft pink color (Makeup4ever cream Blush HD in Fuchsia) to the apples of cheeks using her fingers & blended it. For the Lips she applied some shimmery eyeshadow on the upper lip and then used the Fuchsia blush on her inner lips also using her fingertips.

20- Finally, a body shimmer applied all over her shoulders, hands, back & chest to give her a sunkissed glow

And we are done with Visnja Makeup !

Masooma also applied makeup on the male model- a foundation on his face & full body (front + back). She blended that very well. The foundation was to give a flawless look. Masooma also drew an anchor- as a form of a tattoo on the model’s shoulder to portray that he is a sailor.


Mermaids are known to have long thick hair. To accomplish this, professional Lebanese stylist “Neamat” completed this look by an amazing hair-do! She incorporated a modern twist to it-not the usual long mermaid let down hair.

Neamat first worked on 2 extra long & thick hair extensions. She braided them beautifully.

As you can see from the makeup pictures above, Neamat kept Vijna’s hair curled then kept them in rolls…

She then opened up the loose rolls & started working on puffing up the front bangs (sleeked back)

She then attached the extensions, puffed it up from the front, then twisted & braided it then twisted it all towards the right side. The hair was a success as it looked like long, thick, dampened hair- mermaid like…heavy due the ocean water & rough because of the salts.

So this is how she looks after hair & makeup! STUNNING!


Bahraini Sima Ahmed designed a beautiful mermaid outfit- a 2-piece outfit made of a bra & a long tail with fins. The outfit was fully made out of Terter (Black & Silver). I was amazed by how the outfit actually made her look like a real mermaid! Well done Sima!

You will actually see more of this outfit in the photos posted below!


-From my camera-

The story portrays a hate/love relationship between the mermaid & her abductor. The mermaid obviously hates this man, who stole her from her home and source of living (water), tied her up, and brings her to a place where she can’t survive.The mermaid can barely breathe… she feels so weak!

The mermaid is desperate for survival… yet.. she looks stunning!

Time passes by & the abductor starts to get attracted to this mermaid. He gets frustrated and sad as he tries to save her from dying.

He then places her in a water filled bathtub to help her survive

The concept of love/hate is shown the moment she is weakened by the lack of water: zero strength + zero energy= desperate for help… Not knowing that the only person who can save her is the same person who caused this pain. It’s basically a good girl/bad boy romance- keep in mind that a very thin line exists between love and hate!

Sometimes, even with bad intentions, love sneaks up and whacks you on your head!


Below are the beautiful photos taken by professional Ali Sharaf! They speak for themselves!

These photos are what we have all been waiting for!

AMAZING photos captured by ALI!!


Check out the amazing Fashion Video created by Osama Al Saif (Ad.Mark). The video is beyond beautiful!! I’m IN LOVE WITH IT! It tells you the whole story (which I wrote about above)

Click on this link!

You can also view behind the scenes video footage of the hair, makeup & full photoshoot by clicking on this link:

Osama- You deserve a grammy!


I really hope to work in the near future with this talented group. I’m sure they will prosper in their careers- not just because they are talented or hard working, but because they are creative & are able to use their imaginations and actually think outside the box.

There was a lot of laughter on set – especially at the monkey in the cage who was screaming every 3 minutes.

I was amazed by everyone’s input- Ali was so professional- standing on top of dangerous things just to take the right shot! The photos are unbelievably beautiful.

Masooma applied flawless beautiful makeup- she should be the envy of all makeup artists.

Fahad was so creative in choosing the place, the pose etc- amazed me by his vision.

Neamat– this pro makes me hate all hairdressers, because I think no one can top her! I have seen it with my own eyes- the hair is just gorgeous!

Sima– Such a creative designer, coming up with a really cool outfit! Without that outfit, we won’t have a mermaid!

Osama– Captured amazing footage of every second. Welldone!

Vengia– The star of the shoot.. she is a pro in her field- Strikes different & amazing poses every second!

Fajer- Passionate about creating the perfect look- she always made sure the model looked perfect at all times.

Last but not least- Special THANKS to Mohammed Foad (Masooma’s husband)- who i believe put in so much effort in helping out with every single thing you can imagine. He was the Man Power, the fixer & the person who solves anything! THIS GUY DESERVES AN AWARD!

Mahmood- A big thank you for finding out the location for the set, guiding us around the place & most importantnly- keeping the annoying goat away from me!

Thanks to the other people who were there who have done the impossible to make this photoshoot a perfect one!!

As for me….

I’m hoping to work with this team again in the future- Fingers crossed!!

I would like to say something about makeup that I have learned through this photo shoot…

‘Makeup is an art of transformation. Transforming to beautiful or to ugly…The key is to master it correctly to be able to achieve the wanted look.

Oh and another thing Masooma kept on saying…

“blend is your friend.. blend is your friend”…