The No.1 Blending sponge in the world: THE BEAUTY BLENDER


You have probably seen it with makeup artists, or on how to videos of makeup tutorials…

It’s the cute oval shaped pink sponge with a pointy top. It’s so cute. So pink & so chubby

I love how it feels, it’s so soft & does the job 1000 times better than normal triangular sponges.


It blends amazingly!! Seriously, the blending is flawless! This Beauty Blender was created by Hollywood makeup artist Rea Ann Silva. It’s main purpose is to leave you with a professional finish & a flawless complexion. This will leave you with ZERO streaks!

What I love about it is how it is a multi-use sponge- for different things.. because of its round shape- you can do a lot of things with it.

You can:

  • Apply foundation with it (& blend)
  • Blend correctors/concealers
  • Apply after foundation for evening out the color & missed patches
  • Absorbs any excess color/oils
  • Great to use under eye area (pointy tip)

My tip is to best use it when it’s DAMP… This means that wet it with some water then apply on whatever you want to help the product set. Another way is to spray the beauty blender with some MAC fix plus spray mist then use it.. This will help it set more! (once it’s wet, it will slightly expand in size)

It’s very easy to use it—basically just BOUNCE it (stippling) against your face. The pointed side will help you with hard to reach spots (nostrils, mouth, eyes, forehead sides). Use the round base for foundation /blush… and the large area for your forehead, cheeks & chin. It’s even perfect to cover blemishes with!! Oh and … it’s latex free!

You can wash it after use & re-use it!

It’s so famous – all makeup artists use it!!!

You can order it online- from or it’s always best to check out my dear friend’s blog for more details on how to order this sponge!: