A brightening face primer from Benefit!

I just brought this product- “THAT GAL” from Benefit ! Basically, it’s a brightening face primer- removes that dull complexion that some of us have.

I’m a huge fan of the Benefit packaging & Names! They are soo cool & grab my attention.

It’s a silky pink primer. The packaging looks like a glue stick.

You have to turn it to make the product seep from the top!

Apply all over your face & blend it in an upwards motion like a moisturizer for a brighter smoother skin. I usually apply it after moisturizing my face. Then I would apply makeup. You can also use it on it’s own!

What this formula contains is light reflecting pigments that will instantly brighten up the areas. It also contains raspberry + chamomile to soothe the skin.

Some people might not feel the effect- and I will be honest with you- the effect is a natural brightness- NOT INSTANT SUNNY BRIGHT.

I love the smell! I have always done my makeup without a brightening primer, but when I applied it today- I have received a few compliments on how different and fresh it looks! Even though it’s part of the hidden base, it still makes a difference under your foundation! A Beautiful radiance from within!