Dior Spring 2012- “Garden Party” Collection

This Dior collection for spring is inspired by Dior’s garden. Christian Dior owns a beautiful garden in Les Rhumbs, Northern France- A garden which inspired him to produce the many different perfume scents.

A vistor described the garden At the end of the garden, perched on the clifftop, is a rose garden, breathtaking in its position and diversity, much the same as it was in Dior’s day. You reach it along a path covered by a second pale-grey arched pergola, another of Dior’s designs, which creaks under a mass of climbing roses including New Dawn, the peach-pink Shropshire Lad and deeper pink Gertrude Jekyll and Anne Boleyn. The garden has more than 20 different roses: Alberic Barbier clusters together with the hybrid musk Penelope, Pink Cloud, white Iceberg, a Mme Paule Massad shrub, Mme Alfred Carrière and Pierre de Ronsard. The blooms are everywhere you look, and they are thriving despite their precarious position.”

Dior’s garden has influenced him throughout his career, leading him to produce a collection that represents his garden.

The collection will launch January 2012 (USA).

The collection includes:

Garden Clutch: Features a pink leather shell with some woven patterns. The clasp is dior’s signature rosebud. It consists of  an eye shadow trio + 2 lipcolors (gloss+ lip maximizer)

The Milly Garden Clutch

The Granville Garden Clutch

5-Couleurs Garden Edition

Garden Pastels: Pale pink, yellows and greens

Garden Roses: Soft pinks, Parma violet, silver and purple.

3- Couleurs Garden Eyeshadow : Smoky Garden

Nail Polishes

Waterlily: Soft Green  & Forget Me Not: Mauve

Rouge Dior Lipcolor – Corolle Pink & Tulip Pink

Ultra Gloss– Socialite Pink, Party Lilac, Pretty Rose