Vitacolor- Kryolan’s best creamy foundation

I tried this foundation a few months ago, and i can tell you- vitacolor – is the best foundation from kryolan for high coverage!!

It will cover anything! It is really great for people with heavy acne.

What is different about this foundation is that it comes in a tube!

It’s enriched with vitamins. It comes in a wide variety of shades.

It’s known in the makeup industry as “grease paint”. Looks and feels greasy, but don’t worry- the result is not!

I use a small dot on my hand, and with a brush apply all over my face. To be honest, this little dot is more than enough!! This cream is highly concentrated so very little can actually apply A LOT!

Even though you don’t hsve acne, it is still a great foundation to use!! Give’s you that flawless look-  but i feel it is slightly heavy for daily… But it is a MUST for those with acne!!

You can find Kryolan in Seef mall, dana mall, Riffa & Busaiteen.