Estee Lauder’s “DayWear” moisturizer- BEST EVER!!

20111206-115728 PM.jpg

20111206-115714 PM.jpg

I have been using this face cream for a month now, and trust me girls, i think i have found “THE ONE” !!

This cream is to be used in the day, and it acts as a perfect makeup base!!
What makes me go crazy about it is the texture it leaves your face in! NON GREASY, and gives u a beautiful radiant glow!

This face cream in this cute green jar has SPF 15- and believe me it is more important than the makeup!

This moisturiser will defend your face against the appearance/signs of premature ageing, so it is good to use it when you are young!

It has a very effective ANTI-OXIDANT power– great for everyday, and the BEST PART ABOUT IT—– smells like cucumbers!!!!! ( which i absolutely LOVE)

I have realized that my skin became softer and instanly fresher after every application!! I LOVE IT!!

It is a great wat to protect + enhance your beauty!