Giorgio Armani Holiday 2011 Collection: Madre Perla

This collection is focused on the 1930’s! Sophisticated colors..

The term “Madre Perla” translates to “mother of all pearls” in Spanish….


The MADRE PERLA PALETTES are LIMITED EDITION.. ONLY 3000 women will have the privilege to own them!


Collection details:


Madreperla Palette

In Giorgio Armani’s famous black case is decorated in real REAL PEARLS! There are satiny powders which come in “sand”, “Champagen” & “aqua”. Those silky shadows all have radiant color and amazing soft feathery texture: Harmony 1 (Face and Eyes) , Harmony 2 (Eye)



Eyes to Kill Intense Silk Eyeshadow

Comes in  three metallic shades: gold, silver, and one with a mix of both. These shadows are creamy, highly pigmented & resistant to heat & humidity: #17 Silver, #18 Gold, #19 Blended gold and silver

Gloss d’Armani

Lip shades- colors are very vibrant: 4 limited edition colors…Pink Iridescent rosewood, amaranth red, Brown Sienna, Purple Amethyst

                                                                                                                                                            The collection is available now in Nordstorm USA.