THE ESSENTIAL EXTRAS you need to perfect ur makeup

Makeup brushes are not the only tools to use to perfect your makeup. They are the priority, but there are many other extra “tools” you need to make your makeup flawless!

These little extras are very very simple! Here’s a list & what they should be used for. You should have these things on your makeup vanity- they are important! Makeup remover wipes are not part of this list since they are  a priority & not considered as an extra!

1. cotton pads/wool pads

Simple cotton pads, from any supermarket/pharmacy. Use them to wipe of eye makeup or full makeup with a liquid makeup remover. It’s also great to clean some brushes quickly with- just apply some makeup remover on a pad, then go on with your brush back and forth until it becomes clean!

2. cotton buds/cotton ear buds

i would consider this the most important extra tool ever! You won’t believe how handy these little things are! I would cut the buds into half to not waste the other half.

I would use it for makeup mistakes (eyes, lips, concealer, eyeliner, brows) you name it! It’s really helpful!

3. clean brush applicator

I usually take those from MAC :p i ask the sales lady if i can have some since I’m buying a lot- i love these!! I use them to brush my brows, separate my lashes (before & after mascara), picking up any hairs on the face instead of smudging it with your hands. If you want, you can use any finished up mascara wand & wash it well then use it just like I do!

4. Eye drops “Refresh Plus”

I got this from a pharmacy – basically u cut off the little top part & use it like eye drops. Why is this important? When applying makeup, you tend to smudge eyeshadow off/ get eyeliner in your eye by mistake/ eyeshadow powder gets in your eye ETC.. you would need these drops to just refresh your eye just in case- to help soothe your eye & remove irritation!

5. Beauty Blender


I absolutely love the beauty blender!!

These are washable ofcorse- don’t throw them away. With a little shampoo, wash them them and lthey are good as new!


After applying liquid foundation with a brush, i would take this blender & dab it all over (to remove any excess oils, even out any gaps or missing spots). It also smooths out the foundation removing any fine lines a brush makes! You can also use it with concealer and corrector- to blend them!

Remember- it only works with water- so make sure u wet it under water and use it when it is expanded!

6. Scissors & tweezers

No girl can ever live without those two tools. You need those to tweeze any un-necessary hairs & cut any long brow hairs. Always keep those next to you! They are great help when it comes to false lashes.

You can shorten your false lashes by cutting them and help fix them on your eye by tweezers!

7. the powder puff

I know many girls don’t buy this- but they are important! TRUST ME! Get yours from MAC, sephora, etc they sell them in all cosmetics stores. What do we use this for? To even out & set your makeup- mainly through the use of LOOSE POWDER. I would apply my foundation then work on my eyes.. some pigments do fall on my foundation- so i would use this sponge to dab on some loose powder under my eye area to avoid any eye pigment from ruining/smudging my foundation. I also use this to apply translucent powder on my whole face on top of everything to help the makeup set & last.