DURALINE- INGLOT’s way of transfering powder 2 creamy products!

I’m just amazed by this product!!

It is reallllllly something you should get! I will keep on repurchasing this product!


Duraline is a product by INGLOT which is a special formula- that when mixed with powder (any) will turn it to liquid- (CREAMY)!!

This means that you can basically use the “pigments” you have bought… transfer them to a creamy formula & apply it as a creamy eyeshadow!

It comes with a convenient  dropper to control the amount you want to use.


I’m going to show you my experiment with MAC pigments, as you can see below- they are in a POWDER form

Added a few drops (2-3 drops) on each pigmented powder

Mix the powder + DURALINE with a brush until it turns to a liquid form

There you have it, Look at how the pigments changed to a CREAMY LIQUID!!

You can see (hand swatch) how the colors look creamy on my hand! Gives a glossy look to those powders with shimmer!

What is also great with DURALINE– you can use it with the CREAMY eyeshadows/gel liners you have to soften them up & apply it really quick & easily!! Also, some gel liners or paint pots are just dried up, so you don’t need to throw them away- just add a drop of DURALINE & it will be good as new!

NOTE: It makes eye shadows and liners smudge proof, & you can play with the color intensity- if you add more duraline in eyeshadows- you will get less color intensity. Less duraline = more color intensity.