I must say, I am a HUGE fan of the Bobbi Brown Corrector!!

This little tiny pot can is your friend. It will hide your imperfections. I love it more than a concealer actually. Both the correctors & concealers have been improved recently with a better formula.

Bobbi Brown’s corrector is a huge seller. It is very much in demand for it’s amazing results.

What is it used for?  Neutralizes darkness under the eyes. Hides blemishes & imperfections.

Ingredients?conditions your skin, Vitamin C & E, silica (to soften the look of fine lines), kaolin (mineral that helps it set & prevents it from setting in fine lines)

Shades? The corrector comes in 12 different shades. The corrector looks very similar to concealer- a lighter version of the concealer (not as heavy). It has a creamy smooth texture. I suggest you get a corrector that is similar to your shade (not a lot lighter) cuz this will balance your imperfections. Concealer should be a shade or 2 lighter.

How to use? Before anything- i recommend using a moisturizing under eye cream so that you make sure no corrector/concealer seeps through fine lines. Note that the corrector is blend-able. What i usually do, i apply a tiny dot with my “concealer brush” on any blemish/scar/pimple & then with my finger (pat it) until it’s hidden.

You can apply it also under your eye area- and if you have minimal under-eye color then you don’t need to apply a concealer. It really hides things!!!

I would then apply foundation all over & you’ll see for yourselves how some don’t show. However- some huge gigantic pimples are hard to deal with I KNOW.. but this corrector is good for mini things.

You can also put a dab BEFORE & AFTER Foundation for maximum coverage.