Guerlain Noir G de Guerlain Mascara

A new mascara by Guerlain  will launch in stores by December 2011/January 2012.

Guerlain came up with a new formula for this mascara. Guerlain promises that this formula will boost up your lashes, leaving them looking very stunning. It’s made to lengthen, curl & add volume. It also has a “polymer” which is a protective coat over the lashes.

The packaging is what attracted my attention. The packaging of this mascara is inspired by the Rouge G- lipstick cases in previous collections. These cases come with a small mirror- which is very handy!

The mascara’s will be refillable- The mascara (with compact) will cost $49, and refills will cost $26.

Also, the mascara (black) will have Scents!!!! You can choose between peach, rose, white musk  & jasmine scents!!