I absolutely loooooove this brush!!! It does wonders!!!!

It’s a short, round, flat-topped brush basically used for smooth easy application. It is called a ‘Short Duo Fibre Brush’. It’s made from both natural bristles and synthetic fibers.

This is the brush to use for a flawless- airbrushed finish (with your foundation). This brush is made to buff- any form of liquid or cream. You can use it with liquid foundation, cream blush, & correctors. I don’t recommend it for powdered blush!

Because this brush has a short-straight(not curved) head, it becomes very precise and controllable. The full head touches the full skin surface, making it easy to work with. It’s a smaller version of the 187 & 188 brush. What I absolutely like about it is that this small brush can get into areas the normal foundation brush can’t get to- like around the nose and under eyes.  

This type of hair bristles help push the liquid/cream into the skin instead of just swiping it across. They also provide less streaking/clumping. I just love how easily it helps in blending. It makes the blending very  easy!!

I use it with my liquid foundation, buff all around my face, working in circular motions, or left to right/up&down. It amazes me how it really smoothes the application. Works better with liquid foundation than the normal foundation brush (MAC 190).

I also use it to buff out some concealers/correctors. For example, I use my orange corrector with it. It really helps in making the face look flawless.

The brush might shed in the first couple of uses, so I recommend washing it with shampoo + conditioner before your first use to help the hair not fall!

This is a must have brush- I urge you to get it!!