MAC’s ‘TAN’ PIGMENT: My review

A special eye pigment called “tan”- from MAC, is a new favorite of mine. It’s one of those products that are constantly out of stock… lucky me- I found one!

You would always assume that this little bottle is just messy & why would you apply powder shimmer on your eyelids if you have eye shadow? Right?

Well, pigments are totally different from eyeshadow!! They are powdered and they should be pressed on the skin unlike eyeshadow where you can brush/swipe etc. What I love about this little jar is that it lasts forever- believe me.. It won’t finish! Effects from pigments are very different from the effect of an eyeshadow. Pigments are ofcourse more pigmented- stays put more & tend to have a more shimmery/shiny glow with them (most of them).

The color: this color is gorgeous! It’s a muted pinky brownish bronze- not just bronze! It’s a warm color, with red undertones. It has some shimmers, more metallic looking (which is so in now –trend)!! It can also be described as a golden bronze color.


Where to use it: I would use it with my MAC 239 brush, and softly apply some, tap the brush (to remove any excess powder) then press (I MEAN PRESS NOT BRUSH) on your lids. Press it up to the crease, then apply any dark brown color in the crease to blend. You can also use it on the lid on its own. The color is just amazing- metallic bronze. You can also use a hint of it for the cheekbones for a shine/glow, or in tear duct.

You will love this product especially if you are olive skinned!! Dark/tanned skin goes beautifully with bronzed eyeshadow- and believe me this is quick to apply- simple & natural. Also, if you have hazel or green eyes, it will definitely make your eyes stand out!