Mac & Iris Apfel Collection for Winter 2011….

I guess this collection has to do with birds!! Lipsticks & eyeshadows are named after the different types of birds…  The collection includes bright colors- resembling the tropical colored birds they are named after.

This collection is related to Iris Apfel….

Who is Iris Apfel? She’s fashion’s latest muse, inspiring everyone from designers to glossy magazine editors. She is 88 years old.  Apfel is known for her out of the blue sense in fashion- wearing necklaces made out of plastic(chewing gum packets, toy calculator)— yes it’s weird!

She is known as the “RARE BIRD OF FASHION”.

No official pictures are released.

This collection has not officially been announced, but this is what is expected to be in it:


  • Pink Pigeon: Bright cleanest pink (matte)
  • Scarlet Ibis: Bright orange red (matte)
  • Party Parrot: Bright red pink (matte)
  • Flamingo: Light milky bright coral (lustre)
  • Morange: Loudmouth orange

Lip Pencil:

  • Entertain Me: Clearly orange
  • Embrace Me: Vivd pinkish fuschia
  • Redd: True red

Beauty Powder:

  • Too Chic: Soft peachy cream with fine shimmer


  • Silver Gull: Blue gray with sparkle (velvet)
  • Robins Egg: Mid tone teal (matte)
  • Diamond Dove: Deep gray brown (matte)
  • Early Bird: Bright coral (matte)
  • Howzat: Deep gray with silver sparkle (satin)

Nail Lacquer:

  • Oriele Orange: Bright orange coral
  • Toco Toucan: Bright blue fuschia
  • Sandpiper: Creamy pale stone beige

International Launch Date- January 2012