Compact Collection- Estee Lauder Holiday 2011

Celebrating the holiday season, Estee Lauder released a unique collection- it’s one of a kind!!

Basically it consists of unique limited edition pieces, which are very attractive- gold metal compacts. The collection focuses on the 6 qualities of good fortune: Success, happiness, peace, love, luck & prosperity.

Compact cases-beautifully packaged- has a special ornament with a precious stone to represents the fortune. The collection also has perfumes. I love how the collection is sooooo detailed & the design was beautifully created by Jay Strongwater (American Designer). The collection looks like jewelry!

All Fortunes

All good fortunes combined in one compact – with precious stones.


The hearts signify love and passion with accents of Red Agate on the Love powder compact and the classic Beautiful fragrance in the sleek solid fragrance compact.

Beautiful Love Heart

Carry around your neck a heart that represents romantic love and passion. This striking pendant opens to reveal Beautiful fragrance in long-lasting solid perfume. A tender bouquet of lilies and roses, marigold and orange blossoms…all warmed with a rich, woody base and brightened with a touch of citrus.


Catching the light like a prospector’s treasure, a golden compact reflects a future full of prosperity. The multi-faceted cover is intricately textured. The clasp gleams green, set in malachite. Filled and refillable with Lucidity Translucent Pressed Powder (small-size refill).

Youth Dew Gold Coin

A shiny golden coin perfumed compact including the Youth Dew fragrance and a touch of Green Malachite on the powder compact clasp reflect a future of abundant wealth.



This golden compact featuring shades of citrine crystal represents a lifetime of luck and optimism.

Beautiful Luck Elephant by Jay Strongwater

A limited-edition collectible, this lucky elephant with shimmering stones has its trunk up for a life of good fortune.



Protecting an imminent future of great success is represented by the Purple Agate powder compact.

Sensuous Success

Protecting an imminent future of great success is represented by the lock and key solid perfume that holds a solid formula of the Sensuous fragrance.


The happiness compact is daintily accessorized with a Rose Quartz clasp.

Happiness pleasures by Jay Strongwater

The Swarovski crystals in the blooming solid perfume by Jay Strongwater, with softly floral pleasures fragrance, exude joviality and bliss.


The enchanting blue lapis clasp epitomizes signs of peace and tranquility.


White Linen Peace Branch

Ssigns of peace and tranquility embodied by the Swarovski encrusted White Linen solid perfume peace branch.

The collection is now available in the USA.  Please note that some Items are exclusive to Saks Fifth Ave & Neiman Marcus.