URBAN DECAY’S LIP JUNKIE LIPGLOSS- Plumped up lips in seconds

Got this amazing gloss from a friend.. and I haven’t tried it until a few days ago. AND.. I LOVE!

Well, it’s not a normal gloss… It’s one of those glosses that make your lips –PLUMPED UP… In seconds!!

This is a super super shiny gloss(from URBAN DECAY) that will give your lips a cushiony feeling.. It doesn’t feel that gooey & it comes in a variety of amazing shades.

It’s called “LIP JUNKIE”…

You’ve got some neutrals, some brights, some darks & some shimmery ones!

I love the shade that I have. It’s called “NAKED”- basically it’s a beautiful neutral pink shade! The gloss packaging might confuse you & make you think that it’s a reddish color, but it’s actually not!!

This is how the shade looks on paper- a beigi pink

This is how it looks on skin

What I love, absolutely love, is the scent of the gloss! It (they all) smells like yummy peppermints!! It will make your breath smell fresh!! I tried to remove it with a makeup remover, but still the smell is there!!

This gloss plumps up your lips- what I mean by that is that once you apply it, you will feel a slight tingle (it’s not burning your lips don’t worry!!) but it’s cooling your lips. Also, because the gloss is super glossy, it will give people the illusion that it’s juicier & plumper!

I have used a similar product to this- called “sexy motherpucker” from soap & glory… and I am loving this more, as it’s not as sticky!

Urban decay is not sold in Bahrain, however you can get it online or from Dubai. Sephora Bahrain are desperately trying to get UD here!!