Airbrushing in a tube: BLUR OUT imperfections & look 10 yrs younger in 40 seconds

Introducing “NANOBLUR”- the new cream that claims to cover up your wrinkles/pigmentation etc & make you look younger “INSTANTLY”!!

This newcomer to the market is selling like crazy.. & it has finally reached the UK.

It’s all over the papers & magazines- thought I should tell you about it.

What this cream consists of cream particles that spread out light to make the skin look better, clearer, fresher & younger in seconds by blurring out all imperfections. It uses optical diffusing elements to confuse whoever is looking at you. It tricks the eye by applying light on imperfection to even them out. It would even make your pores disappear.

What makes this product better according to reviews:

It’s better than Lancome’s effet Miracle/Clarins beauty flash balm etc… because nanoblur’s particles sizes are much smaller than other formulas-making it easy to find their way to the tiniest imperfections.

I haven’t tested this product yet. I’m just stating what people are claiming. Please note that it doesn’t change your face over-time. It is only used for quick same day results.

They are currently selling this at Boots UK.

Read more about it here

The photo below shows results-taken from their website!

Please note, I’m not marketing the product- I’m just writing about it- since it is been the topic of the past few weeks (FOR WOMEN ACROSS THE UK)