Amazing Lip Balm- soothing your chapped lips before applying lipstick

When it comes to chapped lips- I can say I’m the queen of chapped lips. It really annoys me, especially when I’m about to apply lipstick! Chapped lips can be seen under lipstick !

I have tried a couple of lip balms/sticks under the lipstick but I didn’t like it as much.

And then there was Bobbi Brown’s Lip Balm-SPF 15…

I must say- I can’t go a day without applying it under my lipstick!!

Let me tell you more about it.

This balm conditions & hydrates your lips. You can wear it to bed, to work, alone or under a lipstick. It brings out the natural lip color. You can get cheaper products that do the same, but to be honest, this balm feels better & I believe it’s more effective.

OK so it might look like a normal balm to you, but it’s not. It’s non sticky/greasy/waxy. And it is the perfect base for your lipstick. I apply it with my lip brush. You can use any lip brush. I don’t recommend using it with your finger as it is slightly hard to get an amount of balm with it. A brush is more effective.

After applying on lips, I apply my lipstick. My lipstick stays longer & you will constantly feel that your lips are smooth & you will feel (exfoliated lips feeling!) Even when you smile (with chapped lips) you will feel like they won’t tear up! It feels stronger and softer. Lipstick application is so smooth with a proper balm base!

I highly recommend this product! Your lipstick (on top) will look moist & smooth! Oh and I also love the chic packaging- a silver tin pot! I love it!