THINK PINK: My Fav Pink Products

Since October is known as the “national breast cancer awareness month”, let’s think pink!


I’m gonna post my all time favorite products- pink of course!

Some I might have wrote about before- so bare with me!


 MAC’s “expensive pink” eyeshadow

This eyeshadow is a pinkish peachy color. It’s a mixture of bright/baby/&hot pink- all in one tub. Dirty pink with some hints of gold! You might think it’s bold to wear pink eyeshadow, but this one is just amazing on its own!!! (natural looking)


MAC’s “neo-orange” loose eyeshadow pigment


This intense pink salmonish color is one of a kind.  It can also be described as an electric peach, orange mixed with pink.

The trick is using a tiny dot to blend it the “background” of a smoky eye. When blending with black it gives a brownish/copperish color. Don’t be scared from the color- this pink will go beautifully IF BLENDED. DO NOT USE THE PRODUCT ON ITS ONE.. FAIL!


MAC’s “please me” lipstick

It’s a soft baby pink. It looks gorgeous on everyone! It’s matte though!



Bobbi Brown’s pot rouge “pale pink”

Comes in a pot, can be used for both cheeks & lips

A very pinkish pale color or a bright pastel pink- I just luv luv luv this shade!





MAC’s “pink swoon blush”

The bubblegum Barbie-ish color! This bright pink color gives you the doll cheeks. Soft pink, very subtle




NARS “Turkish delight” lipgloss

Voted for Best lip gloss for olive skin-2011 “InStyle”-  a dense gloss with a pink sorbet shade, or a milky pink (I would describe). I use it on top of please me or angel lipstick (MAC).



Bobbi Brown “Candy” lip pencil

A medium-bright pink lip pencil- I love this! I love its color. Goes with almost all pink lipsticks- from MAC mostly!



Bobbi Brown “Sand Pink” Blush

It is a gorgeous soft pink with a hint of berry shade. Can be also described as a mauve pink blush- gives you a flushed look! It has brown undertones so it will give a natural flush to the cheeks. What I love about it is that it’s not too light & not too dark!

Do not apply a lot of it though!


 It would really mean a lot if you all contribute to charities for this matter- help the patients with breast cancer! Let’s make a difference…

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