Trick: The sponge-tip applicator … Best for?!

I’m sure you have all seen or bought a brush set or eyeshadow palette that includes a brush (or a mini brush) with a little spongy tip. They might look like these


Some have a round shape, some oval. Some are extra soft, some are stiffer


I tend to find the stiffer ones handier

Yes, and you have thrown them in the trash. They are useless, tiny, etc..

Well, I’ll let you in on a little makeup trick that will really help you out

Do NOT throw those spongy applicators out. Instead, we’ll use them for a great eye-trick

When you are done with your eyeshadow, eyeliner, mascara etc… you have to apply “the brow bone highlighter”… where you apply a shimmery/metallic/frosty/matte color under the eyebrow arch or bone

Many artists prefer doing it with a 217 MAC brush. I find that kind of hard. The brush is sort of big for that area and not precise

I prefer taking this spongy applicator, apply the eyeshadow (highlight for brow bone) with it, & smudge it in a downwards motion on your brow bone

You will feel that it is very neat, pigmented, precise, & smooth

After that, get you MAC 224 brush & gently blend on top of it

TRUST me.. It will give you an amazing side glow