Dior Holiday 2011 Collection: “Les Rouges Or”

Dior is always fascinated by gold. Because of that, he is releasing a new collection where gold is infused in the colors. To Dior, gold is elegance. It glimmers & shimmers. It’s luxurious. The collection’s name “Or” means “gold”. Pieces are limited edition.


more photos below

Les Rouges Or Collection

Lipstick Shades: Or Etoilé, Versailles, Belle de Nuit, Nocturne


The Or Vernis Collection

Nail Polish Shades: Or Divin, Exquis, Merveille, Apparat


5-Couleurs Gold Infused Palette in Couture Gold

A five color palette that come in diff shades of gold… including one darkish shade.


Deluxe Holiday Palette

For intense dramatic eyes & nude lips: A multi use palette which includes a “Crème de Rose” lip balm & lipgloss, eyeshadows for a smoky look (plum eyeshadow), & a multi-toned Diorskin sculpting powder. Also a dark purplish eyeliner (compliments gold colors beautifully) is included.  

Nude eyes & intesnse lips: A mini mascara, a pale pinkish eyeshadow, & a red lipstick.


Holiday Eye Palette

This is for smoky brown eyes- a highlighter, a dark brown eyeliner, beige eyeshadow & brown eyeshadow.


Holiday Lip Palette

This lip palette includes a lip balm, 2 pink shades (lipsticks) & a lipgloss.


Mini Brush Set

A cute little brush set which includes travel size brushes (foundation, blush, eyes & lips)


This collection will be available in the USA (October), but internationally (mid November)