MAC Glitter & Ice Collection for Holiday 2011

 Collection estimated to launch October 22 (USA) & November (Internationally)

Please note that some products are re-promoted/re-introduced in this collection

So this collection also seems to be focused on “the white packaging” which is so not like MAC. We are so used to the “everything black” but having all 3 collections in “white” is a new step! White & glitter is the new thing this winter! (More photos below)

The collection consists of:

Paint Pots:  Let’s Skate, Morning Frost, For Effect

Mineralize Eyeshadow: Fresh Ice, Snow Season, Hold That Pose, Frozen Blue, Shimmermint, Winterized

Beauty Powder: Snowglobe, How Beautiful

Nail Lacquer: Unconditionally Fabulous, Get Noticed, Festive

Lashes : Lashes #7

Lipsticks: Whirls & Twirls, Double Spin, Soft Sable, Eloquent Air, Such Flare,What Joy!

Dazzleglass : Pleasure Principle, Dressed to Dazzle, Glitter & Ice, She-zam, Love Alert, Spanking Rich

Technakohl Liner: Silver Skates, Going for Gold, Seasonally Spicy, Fancy Moves, Practice Makes Perfect, Smooth Manoeuvre