My Own Review: Bobbi Brown Tortoise Shell Collection- The Sand Eyeshadow Palette

I have wrote about this new collection a while ago, you can check it out HERE.

I  just brought the sand eyeshadow palette- which was sold out when I was in Spain (once it was released) then out of stock back in Bahrain. I have been dying to get my hands on it for a while now!

So mission accomplished, I got it & I’m really really really impressed.

The Sand Eyeshadow Palette is based on neutral colors- the beige, the browns, the rose beiges, & the sand golds.

Those colors- I love!

So the palette comes in a brown turtle shell packaging- & the eyeshadows come in quads, 4 above and another 4 in the bottom (slider). I love how each 4 are organized together to match each other. So the upper 4 (you can do a look with using those 4) & the same with the other 4.

The photo below shows how the colors look like with DAYLIGHT

I would really really really recommend this product to a person who likes to do “the crease effect” & the outer “V”. If you have no clue about eyeshadows- or how to blend them or define them- this product is not for you!! Sorry! Those colors complement each other. One can be used for the lid, one can be used for the crease, another for the brow bone highlight etc. They come in handy, as they are all together instead of buying piece by piece eyeshadow!

Ok let’s review the colors.

The first 4 colors- upper deck:  Ivory, Hot Stone, Taracotta, Desert Sand.

Desert sand is the metallic color here.

An easy look  you can do here. Taracotta on full lid, hot stone to define the crease & “V”, ivory for the brow bone highlight, & desert sand on top of the ½ the start of the lid & to blend.

The swatch for the colors is below:


Just keep in mind “tarcotta” doesn’t show a lot since it’s 100% like skin color.

If you wanted to get some pieces from MAC, they have some similar ones- for example, IVORY=VANILLA(MAC), HOT STONE=MYSTERY(MAC), TARACOTTA=KID or TETE A TINT (MAC)


The 2nd set of 4 colors- lower deck:  Antique Rose, Black Chocolate, Sandy Rose, Gold Bar.

Sandy rose  is the metallic color here, and Gold Bar is a sparkly color.

You can do a really easy look here. You can use the lighter color like antique rose for the  lid, black chocolate to define the eyes in the crease, Gold bar for the upper brow bone highlight & tearduct, and sandy rose on the beginning of the lid.

The swatch for the colors is below:


If you wanted to get some pieces from MAC, they have a similar one for Black Chocolate. BRUN (MAC) is 99% similar.

Remember, To perfect those looks using 4 colors, you must blend blend blend blend. MAC 217 brush is the tool you should never forget.