Sephora’s App for Ipad – Download it NOW!

Sephora released a FREE Ipad application to help you shop better! It was released in July, but I just found out about it

It is reallllllly coooool! Basically, it’s like an interactive magazine- you can buy products, read about them, find out what’s the latest trend, what’s hot, etc

You can swipe for features & pages. It also has a settings icon on the right- with a drop down menu for your accounts

I would suggest downloading it- then clicking on “beauty report” tab. It will download something for you- 34 MB



You will get all the “Hot Now” products with descriptions

Also, how to get certain looks with all the products stated & photographed

How to & what to use for skin

Daily beauty obsessions

You also get a tab “video” which Sephora streams from youtube, they are helpful tutorials that will come in handy 


Also, Check out this video – about this app