Non-Dramatic Effect: The mascara that gives you GREAT but NATURAL lashes…

Many women love the dramatic lash look, but also many women love the natural lash look- a subtle softer look.

“Great Lash” – from Maybelline promises to condition your lashes, thicken them with no clumps & no globs.

It’s a plain & simple mascara. I would call it

“an everything mascara”

The Formula glides on smoothly to build up lashes to look fuller. You can apply one coat for a neutral subtle look or 3 coats for an intense dramatic look. Other mascaras (volumizers etc) look more dramatic from the first coat. I love how I can control the look.  The “soft” lash look is a great choice for an everyday office look.

I love how black it is. It’s one of the darkest colors in the market “Blackest Black”.

This product doesn’t clump (for me). It has a simple applicator wand & brush, not something fancy or spiky. Trust me, if you really want simple beautiful black lashes- this is the product to use.

I’ve reviewed many mascaras in the past- & my focus was for beautiful long volumized dramatic lashes. This is the first product I deeply recommend for natural lashes.

 It will give you a thick but NATURAL look. You have to make sure that you are using it properly though. Do the left right (zig zag) motion on your lashes to separate them. And make sure you swirl the wand instead of pumping it from the tube.