MAC’s Pure Orange Studio Finish Skin Corrector

I have been to MAC a lot and was always curious when I saw the orange concealer. It’s soooo orange. What the hell do they use that for?

Then one of my good friends told me a makeup artist used that on her face! I was like- WHAT? Orange? Hahahaha

So then I got it, & tested it out. I’m Impressed. WOW

Let me explain to you first why it’s being used then I’ll tell you how to use it!

This orange skin corrector is slightly creamy (just like any beige concealer) as you can see in the photo below.

The orange is a bold orange- see my swatch below

Ok so why is it orange? The orange colour neutralizes any bluish/greenish/blackish colors on your skin & balance it. It will give you a fresh look as if you just had a facial/peel.

It covers dark circles extremely well. This product is a always a top seller in India- where they rely on it to remove pigmentation from their skin & also to sculpt it.

Why not just use normal beige concealer?

A beige concealer might appear greenish/blackish if placed on dark spots. By neutralizing the dark spots with the orange, the beige concealer will look natural on top!


How to use:

Apply it after moisturizing your face. Before foundation & concealer. I apply it with my finger.

DO NOT SWIPE IT OR SMUDGE IT… always DAB, DAB, & DAB with your finger.

Apply: under eyes, around forehead (hairline), on cheekbones, jaw line. Most important to cover up under your eyes. It will look weird- bright orange. Dab it with your finger.

 After that, get a MAC130 brush (short duo fibre brush)

& blend it all in under it disappears.


You can then dab it all over with a sponge.

Proper blending does take some time- make sure no orange remains!

Foundation (on face) & concealer on (eye area)- will do the trick & cover up the warm color.