Chanel Vitalumiere Foundation- Satin Smoothing Fluid

This is the foundation I have been talking about yesterday! This foundation from Chanel is so special to me. It is simply amazing.

 I have been recommending makeup up forever HD foundation for some time, & I still do- I love it- but this Chanel one is different. It basically gives you an all over glow. Other foundations give a slightly matte effect, & you have to add shimmer etc to make your face all glowy.

 So it’s called Chanel “Vitalumiere” Foundation- Satin Smoothing Fluid Makeup! There’s another similar one called “vitalumiere aqua”.

 The Vitalumiere has a beautiful texture. It’s very soft, delicate & light. It makes your complexion flawless with an natural glow. Really- I’m not joking- a real glow (NOT OILY GLOW). It makes your skin appear fresh & energized. You will achieve the “nude” beauty look with the glow it gives- as if your face is glowing from within!

The formula includes SPF 15, & the fragrance it gives off smells like freshness! Full coverage & the result is a radiant glow! Even after applying some powder or skinfinish on top, the glow is still there! This foundation is pricy though!


Since this foundation is lighter than the rest- I deeply recommend using a stippling brush. You can always use it with the MAC190 foundation brush, but I prefer the MAC 130 brush- a small duo fibers brush for a flawless & airbrushed look. Apply all over with the 130 brush, then take a sponge & dab all over to remove excess oils!

I personally use the shade 45 (rose).  A shade slightly lighter would be 32 (epice)