The Perfect Powdered Foundation? POWDER POWDER POWDER

Many girls are asking me: What is the best powdered foundation? Many girls want to know. When I say powdered foundation- I don’t mean loose powder. I mean-the compact powder (pressed powder) in which u apply it with a sponge (some ppl apply it by brush).

If you have oily skin- powder is the way to go (although liquid foundations with mattifiers –oil free- are available). Powder tends to absorb the oil, but the trick is- to find one that doesn’t give you the “CAKEY” effect!!

I have tried A LOT of powders, trust me. The Holy Grail of all foundation powders- I must say is KANEBO. It’s a Japanese company which specializes in skincare & makeup, and many girls swear by this product.

The KANEBO “Sensai Foundation”- Total Finish– includes SPF 15, & will glide on easily + firmly onto the skin.

The finish is long lasting. You use it as any other foundation- and for best results; use it with the sponge which comes with it, inside the compact.


There are a variety of shades:


I was using this foundation for the past 6 years. I love it!! I have an olive skin tone, so i used to have shade 204.5 and 205. I stopped not because there’s something wrong with it, but because I switched to liquid based foundations. It is an amazing product; it beats MAC’s + Chanel’s powders. This product- guaranteed- won’t give you the CAKEY effect. It is very smooth & will last long!

It’s Refillable: You buy the foundation in the compact case for starters, after it’s finished, you refill your compact case with a new foundation!