Yes, I know it’s really annoying how gel eyeliner tends to dry up so fast!! The small jar/tub dries up so quickly whenever it’s left open. I try to minimize the drying by flipping it on a flat surface in between uses.


Ok, so if you brought an expensive gel liner & your sad because it’s dried up, don’t worry- there is a solution!


I’m gonna show you a simple experiment that will save your gel!

You need the following:

-Gel Liner


-Hot (boiling) water

-a container/bowl

– a sandwich plastic bag (zipped)


1.  Here is gel liner- all dried up- doesn’t look as smooth during application


2. Close the gel liner properly


3. Place it in the sandwich bag- zip the bag




4. Place hot water in a small container/bowl


5. Placed the bag with the gel inside the hot water filled bowl- Let it sit for 10-13 minutes


6. slowly open the bag after removing it from the water, remove the jar & open it!

You will feel that the gel is soft!! MUCH SOFTER THAN WHAT IT WAS!

 You can do this once a month if you feel it’s dried up again! Just make sure the gel cover is always on whenever you’re using it or between uses to get rid of the unwanted air!