Sigma Brush review: THE KABUKI BRUSH TYPES

What I love about sigma is their quality & price. Combined- it becomes a winner.

The Kabuki brushes

The Round Top Kabuki (F82)

The round top bush is to precisely apply makeup under the eyes & around the nose. You can also use it with both liquid & powder products. It makes the face appear flawless.

Sigma price: $16


Flat Top Synthetic Kabuki (F80)

This delivers flawless makeup. It is a buffer brush used to blend powder or liquid products. It has short & dense hairs to make it easy to buff your foundation if it’s liquid.

Many artists use this brush to apply liquid foundation instead of the MAC 190 brush.

Sigma price: $16

(The prices are quiet low for such amazing brushes)

Comparison of Sigma to MAC: MAC doesn’t offer these types of brushes.

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