Eyeshadows are not only a color. Their texture & finish is what makes them stand out.

My focus will be on MAC eyeshadows- since most of us buy them & for the huge range of eyeshadow types they have.

MAC eyeshadows are highly pigmented, with high quality, can be greatly blended, & long lasting power. In order for you to know what eyeshadow finish/type you have, flip the eyeshadow tub, it will write “frost/satin” etc next to the name.

MAC eyeshadows have different finishes- described below:


Frost shades have mini spots that will reflect the light- so it will give a frost effect. It will tend to look slightly metallic. They are buildable- you can make it more dramatic by blending & increasing, then blending again. But the frost will build up also- so just keep in mind.

Will look great if light shades of frost used as brow bone highlight.

MAC eyeshadows frost examples: Bronze, Humid, Nylon, Satin Taupe, Pink Freeze,Crystal, Paradisco



The Matte finish gives off a true color or “HIGH PAYOFF COLOR”. It has no shine or reflective shimmery pigment.  Also, eyeshadows come in “MATTE 2” finish- meaning they have more cream & are easier to blend.

It is amazing to use for full lids & crease definition.

MAC eyeshadows matte examples: Wedge, Charcol brown, Malt, Swiss chocolate, Blackberry, Carbon

MAC eyeshadows matte 2 examples: Blanc Type, Brown Script, Typographic, Copperplate




The lustre finish has a slight glittery effect. It sort of has a smooth & pearly.

MAC eyeshadows lustre examples: Honesty, Retrospeck, Gleam, Mythology




The satin finish is a soft & subtle non frosty but light refractive color.  A good color intensity & appears to be silky smooth.

MAC eyeshadows satin examples: Shroom, Orb, Brule, Cork, Mystery, Print, Brun



The veluxe finish is highly pigmentsed with a slight matte finish but has some creamy consistency within. It is so smooth.

MAC eyeshadows veluxe examples: Samoa silk, Brown down, Kid




The veluxe pearl finish is sort of similar to veluxe finish but this one has a slight metallic shimmer in them.

MAC eyeshadows veluxe pearl examples: All that glitters, Knight Divine, Hocus Pocus, Woodwinked, Expensive pink




The velvet finish gives a soft color than what it actually appears to be. It feels velvety.

MAC eyeshadows velvet examples: Vanilla, Smut, Mulch, texture, Trax, Sable