Sigma Brush review: BLENDING BRUSHES (vs. MAC)

What I love about sigma is their quality & price. Combined- it becomes a winner.


The Small Tapered Blending+ Blending brush+ The Tapered Blending –E45 /E25/E40:

Those 3: the perfect 3 brushes for Blending- the No.1 technique to perfect the eye. One is a shader brush that blends perfectly & smoothes out edges. The other one has a rounded top to blend the color on the crease (also to apply color on full lid), and the one has a pointy tip to precisely define & blend in the crease.

Comparison of Sigma to MAC: MAC has 2 of the exact COPY PASTE brushes. It has the blending brush & the tapered blending brush. (MAC 217, MAC 224)

They are exactly the same, however, MAC doesn’t have the small tapered brush (which is round + a pointy tip)

Sigma price: $9

MAC price: $30

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