FACE TONER? Do you really need it? Try out Bobbi Brown’s amazing face toner

Many of you skip this part, after you wash your face you apply face cream straight away. Toner needs to go in after face wash & before cream application.

A toner actually cleanses the skin & shrinks the pores. The toner removes any excess oils on your face even after washing it with soap + makeup remover wipes. It will remove any dirt left behind. Toner prepares your skin-makes it fresh & glowy!

I came across this amazing toner from Bobbi Brown– currently out of stock- more coming end of month.

It’s called “ Hyrdrating Face Tonic”– It’s enriched with mineral water & cucumber extract.

What this tonic does is: moisturize your face, soothes it, cleanses & keeps it balanced + soft!

Apply it right after washing it- or after makeup remover wipes- take a cotton pad & apply on face and it will restore your skin.

Other thn cucumber, it has Chamomile, Licorice, Aloe & lavnender.

I loved the amazing feeling I got from it. It felt unbelievably REFRESHING!! What I loved the most about it was the cucumber smell. It smelled like I was in a spa or smells like summer- u know that scent- a soooooothing scent. Most toners tend to have a stingy smell (due to the alcohol), but this- smells so good!

Whether you have dry or oily skin or even combination- it suits you. It will hydrate your face even before moisturizing it. It might feel sticky at the start, but will dry up within 10 seconds.

There are a million toners around- million brands- but becareful when choosing one. Try to choose ones that don’t smell like alcohol. Try to also choose ones that are hydrating- as many dry up the face!!