Springhseen Blush from MAC – beautiful sheen glow

This blush from MAC is different from the rest. I don’t consider it a “blush”! I feel that it doesn’t only add a hint of color, but highlights the skin to give a beautiful light glow.

It’s called “Springsheen” -It basically gives you a beautiful peachy glow

The picture above is shown when photographed with light.

The photo below shows how the blush looks like with NO light.

Let me describe the color for you. It’s a peach color with a hint of pink & golden shimmers. It will give you a rich, goldish peach color on our cheeks. What’s good about it is the shimmer is not TOO much.

Whichever blush you choose, you can apply, then you can apply springsheen as a highlighter on the top part of your cheeks. It works beautifully if applied to compliment any peachy/pinky/light bronze blush. Can be also used alone!

Amazingly, it matches all skin tones.