Sigma Brush review: LARGE FLUFF BRUSH ( vs. MAC)

What I love about sigma is their quality & price. Combined- it becomes a winner.


The Large Fluff brush–E50: It’s a cute chubby brush which makes it the perfect brush for applying eyeshadow on the full lid. It can also be used to apply powders on face/eyes, highlighting & contouring. I just love to use it to prep my eye (powder on my eye to help it set) & also to apply a full eyeshadow base for my eyes.

Comparison of Sigma to MAC: MAC has a slightly similar one, slightly smaller.

MAC 227 delivers the same result, but Sigma has a thicker handle, which is what I love about it. The thicker the hairs, the thicker the handle should be (I prefer that)! Price wise, they differ a lot! But quality wise, their hairs are both so soft.

Sigma price: $9

MAC price: $30

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