Product of the Week: Makeup forever’s STAR POWDER – U WILL LOVE THIS!

I was in MUFE (makeup forever) the other day & came across this amazing product. I usually skip the glittery shimmery pots, but this one just caught my eye.

This cute little pot is called Star powder, and it has a variety of shades. The one I loved is No. 926 (Iridescent Beige).

 It’s a shimmery beigy brown with a hint of peach- loose powder or pigment. You can use it for many things. I love how I can highlight my brow bone with it & cheek bones.

Although it’s sheer, it gives of a beautiful attracting color. Keep in mind that it is very light, & not as heavy as MAC pigments.

I also use it for the last step of the eyeshadow application process. After you are done with applying your last shade, take a small brush, dab it in the star powder and press it on parts of your lid, front or full (your choice). Will give an amazing glow!

You can easily build the gradual look (light to dark). Apply a slightly dark base all over lid. Press the star powder in the inner part of the lid, & blend in between!

Use it also to highlight the inner corners of your eye (tear duct), it will capture attention!

You can also use it on its own, as a full base.

It’s a must have for the Neutral LOVERS. It basically spices your look, making your neutral look more glamorous!


Will look amazing when the light hits your eyes!