I waited 2 weeks for their delivery. And after receiving them, using them & trying them out I have to say- I’m absolutely impressed.

I have ordered 10 brushes from www.sigmabeauty.com for an amazing price of $120. I’m surprised- the price is too little! Those are TOP QUALITY PROFESSIONAL brushes which top makeup artists’ use – which are priced affordably! If I got those same brushes from MAC, I would have paid around $500!!!

I can’t explain how satisfied I am by the quality of the brushes. The hairs are so soft- I swear- even softer than MAC’s, the brush handles are thick, making it easy for a stronger grip. What I also loved was the unbelievable variety of brush shapes. They have types of brushes that even MAC doesn’t have. THEY ARE VERY SPECIAL & I DO RECOMMEND YOU GET THEM!

What even makes them so special is how each brush specifies what it’s used for by having its use written on each brush!

I only got 10, cuz I have many of the others, but if you are willing to buy a stash of brushes, please invest in good ones like sigma brushes. TRUST ME.

In my coming few posts, I will compare the brushes to MAC using pictures.

*(each brush review will be posted in a seperate post)

Please order yours now. Go to www.sigmabeauty.com/?Click=137083