Organize your lipsticks: How to create your own at-home Palette!

We are messy – by nature.. but sometimes you need to organize things to be able to really use them! My lipsticks are always messy, mixed in many drawers, and I can’t figure out which color to use, since they are all hidden behind a cap , and are known only by name.

Well, it’s time you organize them- in a palette. When they are arranged according to color in a palette, it becomes easier to choose what to apply!

What I’m about to show you is a simple at home way of doing your own palette.

All you need is the following:

Buy a watercolor palette from a stationary

Prepare your lipsticks, a candle, wet wipes/makeup remover, labels, a metal spoon, knife, & lighter

Soak the watercolor palette in hot water until the colors are removed. Scrub off any extra color by a knife. Dry the palette

Cut off the lipstick with a knife and place in spoon

Make sure you remove everything from inside the lipstick packaging

Light a candle under the spoon, and wait for the lipstick to melt

Pour the melted lipstick into the pan/palette  – SLOWLY

Let it dry, and it will look like this! As you can see, all colors are similar shades or in the same tones- pinky beige

Label your palette by sticking labels on the clear front plastic

Keep those plastic boxes with you. They come in handy when you have extra melted lipstick that doesn’t fit into a pan.You can get them from pharmacies!