Want pinky pinky extra pinky dolly cheeks? A beautiful pink blush from MAC

I’m not the type of person who wears “pink” cheeks… but sometimes adding a hint on top of my usual blusher makes it look really pretty- especially if your lipstick shade is pink!

Pink swoon- from MAC is the way to go. It’s a lighter shade than “Fleur power” from MAC, and the lighter the better.

It’s a beautiful subtle pink shade that will look natural for everyday. It’s a matte powdery blush that needs to be put on very lightly to not over-do. With it not having shimmer makes it more natural looking. It’s the perfect pink, not baby pink or fuchsia, just pink. This blush is not highly pigmented, which means it’s quite sheer=NO CLOWN EFFECT.

If you have a fair skin tone, pink swoon will look amazing when added to the apple of your cheeks- giving you that fresh look! It won’t work properly on darker skin. Kim Kardashian posted once about how much she loves this blush & how she keeps it in her purse at all times. She calls it “the perfect pink”!